NMC worried about the report of mental health illness based on survey of 37,000 students, psychiatrist called it “the tip of the iceberg”

mental health illness
Mental Health Illness :

A concerning number of 37,000 medical students in India have reported experiencing severe mental health issues, prompting the National Medical Commission (NMC) to take serious measures. This data was gathered through an online survey conducted by the NMC after 130 medical students tragically took their own lives in the past five years. The survey revealed that students are dealing with significant mental health challenges, including intense anxiety, overwhelming work pressure, and severe stress.

In response, the NMC has formed a 15-member committee to tackle this mental health illness crisis among medical students. The committee’s recommendations include implementing gate-keeper programs to identify students at risk of suicide, regulating duty hours for postgraduate students, improving student facilities, fostering a friendlier work environment, and providing round-the-clock access to professional counseling services.

mental health illness

These proposed measures aim to create a safer and more supportive educational environment for medical students. The recommendations will be submitted to the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry for approval and are expected to be implemented nationwide across medical colleges to control mental health illness.

A psychiatrist from the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi described the situation as just “the tip of the iceberg,” emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive mental health support within medical education.

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