SGRR Medical College issues ‘legal threat’ against Dr. Dhruv Chauhan and 3 others for raising voice against suicide!

SGRR Medical College, Dehradun
SGRR Medical College, Dehradun :

The recent tragic suicide of Dr. Divesh Garg, a first-year pediatric postgraduate resident at Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences (SGRR) , has sparked a nationwide outcry among medical professionals and influencers. Reports suggest that Dr. Garg ended his life due to an allegedly toxic work environment and immense pressure from the department, leading to a broader debate about the conditions faced by medical trainees in India.

Dr. Garg’s death has ignited protests across medical colleges in the country, with many doctors and medical students demanding a thorough investigation and accountability from the institution. Influential figures within the medical community have taken to social media to voice their concerns and call for justice. Among them, Dr. Dhruv Chauhan, a prominent influencer, took a strong stand and demanded justice for Dr. Garg.

The SGRR medical college management, in response, has issued a legal complaint ( written to Dehradun Police through mail ) against four doctors and influencers ( @Indian_doctor , @DrDhruvChauhan , @garam_khopdi , @memedico ) accusing them of defamation and causing significant reputational damage with what they describe as false and misleading allegations. The complaint demands strict action against these individuals under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), further escalating tensions.

SGRR Medical College, Dehradun

In response to this, Dr. Dhruv shared the official complaint letter issued by the SGRR medical college management, stating, “I have just one thing to say, neither I fear such threats nor I will ever, as I speak the truth and facts and will speak it always.” ( )

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Junior Doctors Network (JDN) has strongly condemned the SGRR medical college’s response, calling it an attempt to silence legitimate concerns and criticisms. They have demanded an independent investigation into Dr. Garg’s death and the alleged toxic environment within the institution.

Protests have erupted at medical colleges nationwide, with demonstrators carrying placards and chanting slogans demanding justice for Dr. Garg. Images of these protests have flooded social media, amplifying the call for accountability and reforms in the medical education system.

The incident has also sparked critical questions about the silence of mainstream media, concerned authorities, and the National Medical Commission (NMC) on issues affecting healthcare workers and doctors. Many are questioning why there has not been a more robust response from the Health Ministry and the government in addressing the toxic work environments reported within the medical fraternity.

We ‘Med College Darshan entire team has expressed solidarity with Dr. Dhruv Chauhan and others advocating for justice for Dr. Garg. They have called for immediate action against the SGRR medical college management and a public apology for both the tragic loss of Dr. Garg and the subsequent harassment of those raising their voices for justice.

As the medical community continues to rally against SRGG, the burning questions remain: Will the authorities heed the call for justice and reform? And how will the government address the deep-rooted issues within the healthcare education system to prevent such tragedies in the future?

This incident underscores the urgent need for systemic changes to ensure a supportive and humane environment for all medical professionals, especially those in the early, most vulnerable stages of their careers.

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