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Greetings! I’m Vishwa Mohan, proudly an engineer amidst a team of medical professionals. As the senior-most member, I bring a unique perspective to our collective journey. In this dynamic fusion of medicine and engineering, I take the helm as the technical guide. Armed with the know-how of website building and a passion for seamless digital experiences, I contribute to the technical aspects that bring our online space to life. Join me on this interdisciplinary adventure, where my engineering skills meet the world of healthcare. Together, we create a platform that blends precision and expertise, offering a unique intersection of technology and medicine.

Hello, I’m Vishwa Prakash, a 2019 batch MBBS student at NMCH. As the senior most member of this academic journey, I take pride in being a guide and mentor to my colleagues. With a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, I am dedicated to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. My mission is to contribute to the growth of my team and peers by sharing insights, offering guidance, and creating a space where everyone can thrive. Join me on this educational voyage and let’s navigate the challenges of medical education together, where mentorship and camaraderie shape the foundation for success.

Greetings! I’m Ritesh Srivastava, a dynamic 2021 batch MBBS student at NSMCH. I proudly champion the philosophy of smart work over hard work, believing in efficiency without compromising excellence. Beyond the realms of medicine, my interests span across various domains. From the intricacies of human health to the adrenaline of sports, the nuances of politics, and the creativity of web designing—I thrive on diverse knowledge. With a robust social and digital presence, I connect with communities and share insights that extend beyond the medical world. Join me on this journey where intellect, technology, and a touch of flair converge.

I’m Mili Chourasiya, a dedicated 2021 batch MBBS student at JLNMCH, Bhagalpur. Beyond the realms of medical books and stethoscopes, I have a flair for both academia and design. Excelling in studies, I am passionate about unraveling the intricacies of medicine. Outside the lecture halls, I channel my creativity into the world of design. Whether it’s crafting a diagnosis or designing visually appealing content. Join me on this dual journey of medical exploration and creative expression. Let’s navigate the fascinating realms of medicine and design together!

Hey there! I’m Madiha Fatima, a 2021 batch MBBS student at MMCH. My journey in medicine is fueled by a passion for unraveling the complexities of the human body. Alongside my academic pursuits, I’ve discovered a love for the written word, expressing myself through writing. Through my lens, I share snippets of my medical school life, study tips, and the occasional glimpse into the art of balancing medicine and creativity. Join me on this multifaceted journey where I dive into the depths of medical knowledge, weave words into stories, and bring moments to life. Let’s explore, learn, and grow together.

Hello! I’m Eshita Ojha, a dedicated 2021 batch MBBS student at RDJMMCH. My journey in medicine is marked by a passion for deepening my understanding of the human body. Beyond the textbooks, I’ve discovered a love for the written word. Writing is not just a skill; it’s my medium of expression. Whether articulating medical concepts or delving into creative pieces, words are my allies. Join me as I navigate the intricate path of medical education, share insights through the written word, and embark on research endeavors. Let’s embark on this enriching journey together.

Hello there! I’m Apurva Raj, a diligent 2023 batch MBBS student at SMCW, Pune. Known for my strong work ethic and dedication to studies, I am on a journey to unravel the wonders of medicine. Beyond the textbooks, I wear another hat as a curator of my digital space. As the manager of social media platforms on this website, I strive to connect, engage, and share insights with fellow students and enthusiasts. Join me as I navigate the initial steps of medical education, sharing the highs and lows, and exploring the captivating world of medicine on social media.

Hi, its Shikha Singh, a passionate and dedicated 2020 batch MBBS student at NSMCH, my love for medicine is as profound as my commitment to learning. My enthusiasm for the field is contagious, evident in the way I approach to my studies and embrace every clinical opportunity with eagerness. Through the platform of Med College Darshan, I am excited to share my experiences and insights with fellow and future medicos. I will try to share valuable guidance and support, fostering a sense of camaraderie among aspiring medical professionals because “Shikha’s passion for medicine meets her desire to inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders”

Hello, I’m Devendra Kumar, a passionate 2022 batch BDS student at PGDCH. Beyond the world of dentistry,   I immerse myself in the realms of writing and research. As a dental enthusiast, I believe in the power of words and the impact of well-researched knowledge. My journey involves not only mastering the intricacies of dentistry but also delving into the world of academia, where writing and research converge. Join me on this expedition and Let’s embark on this intellectual journey together, where dentistry, writing, and research seamlessly intertwine.

Hey! i am Prabhu Shankar, a dedicated 2021 batch MBBS student at NMCH, committed to the medical education and aspiring to contribute to the healthcare field. My journey reflects a passion for medicine and a strong commitment to academic excellence. I am not only dedicated to my studies but also possess a genuine interest in helping others for their improvement. I specialize in organizing, analyzing, and making sense of information. In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, efficient data management is key. My commitment is for both academic excellence and making a positive impact on the well-being of others.

Hi! I am Yash Kumar Dubey, a 2022 batch MBBS student at JNKTMCH, whose passion for medicine harmoniously intertwines with a profound love for writing. With a meticulous approach to my studies, I am not only a dedicated medical enthusiast but also a skilled wordsmith. My eloquent expressions capture the essence of life within and beyond the hospital walls, offering readers a holistic perspective on the journey of a medical student. As I navigate the challenging terrain of medical education, my insightful and creative contributions promise to enrich the intellectual tapestry of Med College Darshan, adding a unique and vibrant dimension to it.

Hey I am Neha Chandra, a spirited 2022 batch MBBS student at JNKTMCH, whose love for writing beautifully intertwines with my passion for medicine. With a heart brimming with emotions, I pours my thoughts into words, creating a captivating blend of eloquence and empathy. My journey in the world of medicine is fueled by a deep-seated curiosity, always eager to explore new facets. My dedication to studies is only matched by enthusiasm for expressing myself through the written word. As I navigate the intricate tapestry of medicine, my words become a window into my profound connection with the healing arts. Join me on the exploration of the human experience, where compassion and intellect converge in a symphony of discovery.

Greetings! I’m Harsh, a dedicated 2022 batch MBBS student at JLNMCH. Beyond the world of medical studies, I find my passion in the creative realm, specializing in social media post designing and editing. With a keen eye for design and a knack for storytelling, I bring medical concepts to life through visually compelling social media content.  Join me on this exciting journey where medicine meets creativity. From dissecting textbooks to crafting engaging visuals, let’s explore the multifaceted world of healthcare together. Welcome to my space, where education and art seamlessly intertwine!

Greetings! I’m Chahhat, a dedicated 2022 batch BDS student at PGDCH. In the world of dentistry, I’ve discovered a love for another kind of precision – the art of writing. Beyond the dental clinics and lectures, I wield words with a purpose. Through my writing, I aim to convey the beauty and intricacies of dentistry, making it accessible and engaging. Welcome to a space where words create a bridge between the science of smiles and the magic of expression.

Hello, I’m Kumar Kshitiz, a dedicated 2021 batch MBBS student at GMC Bettiah. Beyond the stethoscope and textbooks, I have a passion for crafting words that resonate. In the realm of medicine, I strive to not only understand the intricacies but also to communicate them with clarity and depth. My knack for writing extends beyond the academic, delving into creative expressions that capture the essence of both the medical world and the human experience. Join me on this literary journey through medicine and beyond.

Hello! I’m Isha Chauhan, a passionate 2023 batch MBBS student at JLNMCH, driven by a profound love for both medicine and writing. I’ve embarked on a journey to merge my medical education with my creative spirit. As an author and content creator on the esteemed Med College Darshan platform, I aim to weave narratives that not only educate but also inspire fellow medical enthusiasts. With a fervent dedication to sharing insights, experiences, and knowledge, I aspire to ignite a spark of curiosity and passion in others, fostering a community where learning thrives and perspectives flourish. Join me as I unravel the wonders of medicine through the lens of storytelling, one captivating narrative at a time.

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