NEET Result 2024 Press Conference Live : NTA forms Committee, Re-Examination Possible After Assessment

NEET Result
08 June, 2024, NEET Result Press Conference :

In response to the ongoing controversies surrounding the NEET UG 2024, the Ministry of Education held a press conference today to address the various concerns raised by students, parents, and educators. The key points from the press conference included:

Education Ministry on Transparency :

During the press conference addressing the NEET result controversy, the Ministry of Education emphasized its dedication to transparency and fairness. Ministry officials responded to the allegations by stating, “We are a transparent organization.” They reassured students and stakeholders that the examination process is conducted with utmost integrity and committed to addressing any concerns that have been raised. The officials highlighted their ongoing efforts to ensure a fair and transparent process for all candidates involved.

Ministry on Re-Examination :

During the press conference, the Ministry of Education addressed concerns regarding the NEET Result 2024 exam and the possibility of re-conducting it. Officials acknowledged issues reported by six examination centers affecting 1,600 candidates. They stated, “We have thoroughly examined all these concerns. A redressal committee will review the grievances once more to ensure fairness. We want to reassure the 23 lakh candidates that their concerns are being taken seriously.”

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Ministry Establishes Grievance Redressal Committee

In response to concerns regarding the NEET result 2024, the Ministry of Education has announced the creation of a grievance redressal committee. This committee will meticulously review the complaints submitted by candidates to ensure that all issues are addressed fairly and transparently.

Clarification on Grace Marks and Examination Fairness

The Education Department has issued a comprehensive clarification regarding the NEET Result 2024 examination in light of concerns raised by students and stakeholders. Among the 24 lakh candidates who appeared for the exam, 1,563 students were awarded grace marks. The department stressed that the overall examination process was conducted without any irregularities across the country.

In particular, the situation in Sawai Madhopur was addressed, where students had initially left the exam with the paper. To ensure fairness, the exam was re-conducted on the same day using a different paper. The department assured that the entire examination process was managed transparently and reaffirmed that no irregularities were present.

Grace Marks and Result Impact

In the NEET Result 2024 examination, a total of 1,563 students were awarded grace marks, according to the Ministry of Education. Out of these, 790 students passed the exam due to the grace marks, while the remaining students either received negative marks or did not pass. This distribution demonstrates that the allocation of grace marks had a limited impact on the overall results.

The Ministry explained that the allocation of grace marks varied based on the efficiency of the students’ answers and other specific criteria. They emphasized that this practice did not significantly alter the overall outcome of the examination, ensuring the integrity and fairness of the results.

NTA Director Assures Smooth Admissions Despite NEET UG Result Re-evaluation

The Director of the National Testing Agency (NTA) has assured that the potential re-release of results for the 1,600 students under review will not impact the admissions process. This statement is aimed at alleviating concerns about possible delays or complications arising from the re-evaluation of these students’ scores.

The Director emphasized that the admissions timeline and the integrity of the process will remain intact despite the re-evaluation efforts. This reassurance comes amid ongoing scrutiny and controversy regarding the NEET result 2024 as the NTA seeks to maintain transparency and fairness in the examination and subsequent admissions procedures.

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NTA Refutes Paper Leak Claims

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has firmly denied allegations regarding a leak of the NEET UG 2024 exam paper. In an official statement, the NTA stated, “The examination was conducted in accordance with established standards, and the distribution of grace marks has not affected the overall results. The issue involves 1,600 students and six exam centers.”

NTA Director Open to Re-Examination

In a significant update regarding the NEET result controversy, the NTA Director expressed willingness to conduct a re-examination if recommended by the newly formed grievance redressal committee. During the press conference, the Director stated, “If the committee feels there should be a re-examination, we will organize it.”

This development is part of ongoing efforts to address the concerns raised by students and stakeholders regarding the results. The Director emphasized that the decision will be based on the committee’s recommendations to ensure the process remains fair and transparent.

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