Amide Protest Against SIMS Hapur on Alleged Stipend Irregularities, Dean Threatens Students for ‘strict action’ over mail : Calls for Immediate Investigation and Action!

SIMS Hapur, Uttar Pradesh :

Medical students at Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, ( SIMS Hapur ), are staging protests against the institution’s management over a series of serious allegations, including irregularities in stipend distribution, mental harassment, privacy violations, and the imposition of excessive fines. The students demand an urgent investigation and strict action against the management for violating National Medical Commission (NMC) laws and infringing on their rights to freedom of speech and expression.

SIMS Hapur

The protest has intensified following claims that the college principal has been mentally harassing students by threatening to fail them in exams. In a letter addressed to SIMS Hapur, management, the students detailed their grievances, including inadequate stipends, privacy breaches due to surveillance cameras in hostels, and the imposition of unwarranted fines.

“Principal Sir has mentally harassed many students by threatening to fail them in exams. The stipend, as declared by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, should be a minimum of Rs 12,000 per month, yet we are not receiving this amount. Cameras installed in both boys’ and girls’ hostels violate our privacy, with the feed from the girls’ hostel being accessible to everyone. We demand the removal of these cameras and the resignation of the principal,” the students stated in their letter.

The students of SIMS Hapur have also called for more flexible hostel timings for interns and postgraduates, and for the library to remain open 24 hours to facilitate their studies.

In response, SIMS Hapur college authorities have accused the students of creating a hostile environment for patients and their families. A mail from the dean (academics) to the parents of the protesting students warned of potential legal action if the protests continued. “Students have been harassing and defaming the institution, management, and principal on social media and in the general media. It is in the best interest of your child and the institute if they cease participating in the strike,” the mail stated.

The situation escalated when the principal of SIMS Hapur allegedly refused to meet with the students, prompting the interns to consider a hunger strike. Dr. Lakshya Mittal, national president of the United Doctors Front Association, condemned the college’s actions, stating, “The Dean of Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences is threatening parents through emails, advising them that their children should stop protesting or face strict legal actions. The dictatorship of these private medical colleges must end, and immediate action should be taken against them for breaching the right to speech and protest.”

Screenshots of emails and WhatsApp messages from the dean and college management, threatening students with severe consequences if they continued their protest, have surfaced, adding to the urgency of the situation.

Given the gravity of these allegations, there is an urgent need for a thorough investigation into the conduct of SIMS management. The students’ rights to a fair stipend, privacy, and freedom of speech and expression must be upheld. Authorities must ensure that the institution complies with NMC regulations and respects the fundamental rights of its students. Immediate and decisive action is required to address these serious concerns and restore a just and supportive environment for medical education at SIMS.

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