Enhancing Exam Security: Introduction of Mandatory Time-Bound Sections in MCQ-Based Examinations

In a bid to bolster the security and integrity of its MCQ-based examinations, the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) has decided to introduce mandatory time-bound sections. This measure comes in response to emerging threats during the examination process.

Effective immediately, examinations such as NEET-PG, NEET-MDS, NEET-SS, FMGE, DNB-PDCET, GPAT, DPEE, FDST, and FET, which are conducted on a computer-based platform, will now feature mandatory time-bound sections.

Here’s what candidates can expect:

  1. Time-Bound Sections: The question paper will be divided into multiple time-bound sections. For example, in NEET-PG 2024, if there are five time-bound sections (A, B, C, D & E) in the question paper, each section will have 40 questions and 42 minutes of allotted time. Candidates will be restricted from proceeding to the next section until they complete the allotted time for the previous section.
  2. No Review After Time Completion: Candidates will not be allowed to review the questions or modify their responses for a section after the completion of its allotted time. The questions for the next section will start automatically after the completion of the allotted time for the previous section.
  3. Option to Mark for Review: Candidates are given the option to mark any question, whether attempted or not, for review. This allows candidates to go through these marked questions in a section again before the allotted time for that section ends. It is important to note that questions marked for review will be evaluated according to the marking scheme as mentioned in the Information Bulletin of the respective examination.
  4. Variable Number of Sections: The actual number of time-restricted sections in an examination may vary based on the total number of questions in the question paper and operational feasibility in creating such sections.

This mandatory time-bound section format will be implemented in GPAT 2024, NEET-PG 2024, and all forthcoming computer-based tests conducted by NBEMS.

For further inquiries, candidates are encouraged to contact NBEMS at 011-45593000 or write to NBEMS.

With this step, NBEMS aims to ensure a fair, secure, and transparent examination process for all candidates appearing for its MCQ-based examinations.

This change in the scheme of examination mentioned in the Information Bulletin of NEET-PG 2024/GPAT 2024 should be noted by all prospective candidates.

In an era where technology enables both innovation and exploitation, this move by NBEMS reinforces its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of examination integrity and fairness.

For more information and updates, candidates are advised to stay tuned to the official NBEMS channels and websites.


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