Shocking ! Cancer Causing Chemicals Found in 527 Indian Food Items : Says EU!

European Food Safety Authorities have discovered ethylene oxide, a substance known to cause cancer, in 527 Indian food products from September 2020 to April 2024. These items include various foods like nuts, sesame seeds, herbs, spices, and dietetic products, according to a report from Deccan Herald.

Upon detection, 87 shipments were rejected at the border, and most of the contaminated goods were subsequently removed from the market. Despite these actions, European officials have not taken proactive steps to ban the chemical’s use.

The presence of ethylene oxide in these Indian food products has resulted in bans on Indian imports in locations like Hong Kong and Singapore. Ethylene oxide, originally developed for sterilizing medical equipment, is now utilized as a pesticide. However, exposure to this chemical is associated with an increased risk of cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia. This underscores the importance of regulatory measures to ensure food safety.

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