Dr. Meghna Thakur Compelled to Work for Days During Pregnancy, Harassed & Threatened by HOD!

In a shocking revelation, Dr. Meghna Thakur, a second-year Pathology resident at Narayan Medical College and Hospital (NMCH) in Sasaram, Bihar, has come forward with harrowing details of her ordeal during her pregnancy, shedding light on the toxic work culture prevalent within the medical fraternity.

Dr. Meghna, in a social media post, recounted the relentless pressure she faced from her superiors, particularly her Head of Department (HOD), who allegedly compelled her to work grueling shifts lasting up to 48 hours, even until her sixth month of pregnancy. Despite her condition, she was made to handle an overwhelming workload, often clearing hundreds of samples alone.

One particular incident stands out, where Dr. Meghna, after a marathon 36-hour shift, took a brief respite to attend to her basic needs, only to be threatened with punitive action by her Assistant Professor for being absent. Despite experiencing severe abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding later that day, her plea for a two-day leave was callously dismissed as a mere “drama” by the authorities.

The situation escalated when Dr. Meghna’s husband, also a doctor, intervened, presenting her medical records and pleading for a 15-day rest leave. Shockingly, instead of showing empathy, the authorities subjected him to humiliation and intimidation, even threatening to jeopardize Dr. Meghna’s academic future by denying her the right to sit for exams.

This appalling treatment of a pregnant medical professional not only highlights the disregard for employee welfare but also raises serious concerns about the toxic work environment prevalent within NMCH and possibly other medical institutions in the region.

In response to these egregious allegations, Med College Darshan (MCD) demands an urgent call for action from relevant authorities. The college university, as well as the National Medical Commission (NMC) and local administration, are urged to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and ensure that those responsible for perpetuating such toxic behavior are held accountable.

Moreover, stringent measures must be put in place to safeguard the well-being of medical professionals, especially during vulnerable periods like pregnancy. This includes the implementation of clear guidelines regarding work hours, adequate rest periods, and provisions for maternity leave, with strict enforcement mechanisms in place.

Furthermore, it is imperative for the medical fraternity to foster a culture of empathy, respect, and support for its members, prioritizing their physical and mental well-being. Only by addressing the root causes of toxicity within the healthcare system can we ensure a safe and conducive environment for all medical professionals to thrive and serve their patients effectively.

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  1. Meghna Thakur

    This is an amazing written article. Thank k you doctor for raising my issue in such a beautiful post. I’m in debt of this fraternity. Proud and overwhelmed. We were underconfident, this gives us hope. Thank you Dil se. 🙏

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