Rahul Gandhi Assured Students To Raise NEET 2024 Scam In Parliament, Maharashtra Govt Seeks Cancellation and Re-exam!

09 June 2024, NEET 2024 Scam :

In a powerful tweet posted on social media platform X, Rahul Gandhi has drawn attention to the alleged NEET 2024 scam, which have reportedly affected over 24 lakh students and their families. His tweet criticizes the current administration’s handling of the situation and reaffirms his commitment to addressing educational malpractices.

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Key Concerns Highlighted:

  • Suspected Exam Irregularities: Gandhi pointed out that from a single examination center, six students achieved maximum marks, which he termed as technically improbable. This raises serious concerns about the integrity of the examination process.
  • Government’s Denial: Despite these red flags, the government has consistently denied any possibility of a paper leak, which has further fueled frustration and distrust among students and their families.
  • Congress’s Proposed Solution: Rahul Gandhi referenced the Congress party’s manifesto, which includes a robust plan to combat the ‘paper leak industry’ by enacting laws to protect students from such malpractices.
  • Commitment to Student Advocacy: He assured students that he would be their voice in parliament, promising to address issues related to their future vigorously.

Maharashtra Government Seeks Cancellation of NEET UG Amide NEET 2024 Scam

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has called for the immediate cancellation of the NEET UG 2024 exam, citing severe injustice to students from the state. The move comes amid growing allegations that the results were marred by mark inflation, which led to an unprecedented number of top-ranking candidates, including six from a single exam center in Haryana.

Despite the National Testing Agency’s (NTA) denial of any irregularities in the examination process, Maharashtra Medical Education Minister Hasan Mushrif has voiced strong concerns. He claims that the inflated scores unfairly disadvantage Maharashtra students, potentially barring them from MBBS admissions in the state.

Minister Mushrif highlighted that the state’s students, who have worked hard and performed well, are now facing an unjust system that undermines their efforts. This situation, he argues, requires immediate rectification to ensure fairness and equity in the admissions process.

The controversy surrounding NEET 2024 scam has sparked nationwide debate, with stakeholders demanding a thorough investigation into the alleged malpractices.

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