Concerns Arise Over Quality of Food Served in RDJM Medical College, Bihar

Muzaffarpur, Bihar – April 27, 2024


In a recent social media uproar, a medical student from RDJM Medical College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, took to Twitter to express grave concerns regarding the quality of food served in the college mess. The student claimed that several students of RDJM Medical College were suffering from typhoid and various food-related illnesses allegedly due to the poor quality of food prepared in the college mess.

The tweet, highlighted the distressing situation faced by students who, despite paying substantial fees annually, find themselves grappling with health issues caused by substandard food. The student further accused the college administrators of neglecting the students’ grievances, stating that their complaints were met with indifference and disdain, likening their treatment to that of dogs.

The viral tweet has sparked a wave of solidarity among students from different colleges, who have echoed similar concerns about the quality of food provided in their respective institutions’ mess facilities. Many have voiced their frustration over the apparent disregard for student welfare despite the significant financial investment made by students and their families towards their education.

The issue has raised pertinent questions about the accountability of educational institutions in ensuring the well-being of their students, particularly regarding essential services such as food provision. With medical students, who are the future healthcare providers of the nation, falling victim to preventable illnesses due to inadequate food standards, the matter assumes even greater significance.

As the uproar continues to reverberate across social media platforms, students and stakeholders remain vigilant, demanding tangible action to rectify the systemic issues plaguing the provision of essential services within educational institutions. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the imperative to uphold standards of student welfare and accountability in educational settings, ensuring a conducive environment for learning and growth.

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