Sustaining Your First Year of MBBS Life: Strategies for Success

Clinging to life admist the first year of MBBS is an uphill battle everyone has to go through. Ranging from academic experiences to political traps and further to emotional acquaintances, you evolve through this and believe me, you are always going to be better and stronger.

The initial phase of this journey comes with a lot of “short-term happiness” .You meet new people, you tend to have a fresh start, you start trusting people like you, trust your senses…. and there comes the real twist, the “empty promises” that keep floating here and there….. and there you go again. Why I mentioned “short term happiness” must be known to you.

Again these are “parts & parcels” of your MBBS journey and it can’t be a point where you dishearten yourself. You have to start from “scratch” and learn from whatever you lost , whether it was your integrity and credibility. Learn to trust the process of yours, start believing your actions again and soon you will realise yourself emerging as a “lone lion” from the crowd of cowards. Push yourself to have the taste of extra – curriculum activities, enjoy exploring and identifying yourself ,a change which you will experience will be a revolution in itself.

And at the sunset, you will realise yourself as a warrior which you were always looking for in the battle arena. Let the game be brutal but not be fair enough to be stabled back again and again. Always have space for energy & elements that are meant to you .

This is the “college mantra” & there you go !!!

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