Protesting Doctors at BMIMS Pawapuri Attacked Again: Medical Associations Demand Immediate Action

BMIMS Pawapuri, June 3, 2024 —
BMIMS Pawapuri

The situation at BMIMS Pawapuri has escalated dangerously as local goons attacked protesting doctors for the second consecutive day. The doctors, who were already reeling from a violent assault on June 1, faced further brutality as they staged a protest demanding justice and protection. This fresh wave of violence has intensified the outcry for immediate and stringent action from the Bihar government and local authorities.

The initial assault occurred when medical personnel, including the Physician on Duty (POD), Surgeon on Duty (SOD), Post Graduates (PGs), and interns ab BMIMS Pawapuri, were attacked by hooligans following the arrival of a deceased patient at the hospital. The subsequent protests by the doctors, aimed at highlighting the urgent need for security and justice, were met with hostility as goons targeted the demonstrators, further endangering their lives.

Horrific Scenes Unfold

The atmosphere at BMIMS Pawapuri has become increasingly volatile. Witnesses described the scenes as chaotic, with doctors being physically assaulted while peacefully protesting for their right to safety. The lack of adequate security measures has been glaringly apparent, with law enforcement failing to prevent the recurrence of violence against the medical community.

Medical Associations Stand in Solidarity

In response to these distressing events, major medical organizations such as the Indian Medical Association Medical Students Network (IMA MSN) and the Indian Medical Association Junior Doctors Network (IMA JDN) have voiced their strong condemnation and are planning further actions. Dr. Saurabh, Convenor of IMA JDN, expressed his outrage, stating, “The continued violence against our colleagues is unacceptable. We demand immediate arrests and stringent action against the perpetrators. The safety of medical professionals cannot be compromised.”

Demands for Immediate Action

The escalating violence at BMIMS Pawapuri has prompted urgent calls for decisive action from the Bihar government and local administration. The demands from the medical community are clear and pressing:

  1. Immediate Arrests: Swift action must be taken to identify and arrest all individuals involved in the attacks on both June 1 and June 3. It is essential to demonstrate that such criminal behavior will be met with zero tolerance.
  2. Enhanced Security: Immediate steps must be taken to bolster security at BMIMS Pawapuri and other medical facilities. This includes deploying additional police forces and security personnel to ensure the safety of medical staff.
  3. Legal Protection for Healthcare Workers: Stronger legal frameworks are needed to protect healthcare workers from violence. The state government should consider introducing new legislation or strenkgthening existing laws to provide robust protection.
  4. Support and Compensation for Victims: The doctors who have been assaulted need comprehensive support, including medical treatment and psychological counseling. Additionally, adequate compensation for the trauma and injuries sustained should be provided.
  5. Public Awareness Campaigns: Efforts must be made to educate the public about the critical role of medical professionals and the necessity of ensuring their safety and respect.

Next Steps

In light of the ongoing violence, IMA MSN and IMA JDN are coordinating with other medical bodies to plan a series of actions, including potential strikes and mass protests, to demand justice and protection. Dr. Tanmay Kunj, Convenor of IMA MSN, emphasized, “We cannot stand by while our colleagues are attacked. We will continue to fight until our demands for safety and justice are met.”

The repeated assaults on doctors at BMIMS Pawapuri highlight a severe crisis in the healthcare sector’s safety protocols. It is imperative that the Bihar government and local authorities take immediate and decisive action to address this issue, ensuring that medical professionals can perform their duties without fear of violence. The healthcare community’s call for justice is loud and clear: the time for action is now.

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